St Mary Magdalene's, Dundee

The Diocese of Brechin

Location of Diocese The Diocese of Brechin was founded about 1150, and is one of seven dioceses of the Scottish Episcopal Church. Its geographical region comprises the Carse of Gowrie, the city of Dundee, parts of the county of Angus, and the Mearns. An interactive map, showing the location of all the churches in the Diocese, and providing further details, is available from the website of the Diocese. The churches are spread across eastern Scotland, from the village of Glencarse in the south up to the outskirts of the city of Aberdeen in the north. The 'mother church' of the Diocese is St Paul's Cathedral in Dundee.

Together with the other six Scottish Episcopal dioceses, Brechin is part of the Anglican Communion worldwide, and the Diocese enjoys companion links with the Diocese of Iowa in the United States and the Diocese of Swaziland in southern Africa.

The Diocesan Synod is the ruling body of the Diocese, chaired by the Bishop and made up of all clergy in the Diocese, Diocesan officials and lay members. It normally meets on a Saturday in March in Dundee. The business of the Diocese between Diocesan Synod meetings is conducted by Diocesan Council, formed in March 2015. It has eleven members appointed by Synod

The Diocese publishes bulletins, newsletters and magazines, which are available online from its website. The magazine Grapevine is published triannually, and the Brechin Bulletin typically more frequently; they can both be accessed from the Diocesan Resources page. The Diocesan News page provides links to reports on particular issues of topical interest.

The Scottish Episcopal Church publishes an online magazine, Inspires Online, which is typically produced monthly.